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October 2021

Jacques Cousteau, not a name associated with the Organic movement but on the radio they did a spiel about him, and as these thing do it brought back memories. My dad made us watch the programmes and along with Gerald Durrell they influenced me aged 9 to want live with my best fiend in the lakes, be self-sufficient and only use horse power. Then aged 11 I was going to be head of a 'Duck-billed Platypus Programme' which then moved on to being a vet at a zoo which metamorphized into being a livestock farmer and now organic grower. These pioneers of the conservation movement, pointed out how much of the world was being destroyed by man and I believed my father when he said 'THEY won't let it happen'. I know its not that black or white, and THEY encompasses governments, companies and individuals

When Andrew and I first started we use to have many discussions on how far do we stick to just seasonal veg and what fruit should we buy in. Anyone who bought from us 20yrs ago would not have seen tomatoes/courgettes in the winter and defiantly not avocados and its hard to avoid buying bananas when it has become such a staple. We used to close from the end of Feb to the fist week in June (for 10yrs) to avoid buying in so much during the hungry gap). Its amazing we got away with it. We managed to survive financially by using our saving, instead of investing it into the farm which is what we can do now.

Then we had the problem of plastic polytunnels (to extend the season and grow cucumbers/aubergines/peppers etc in) It is very hard to be sustainable realistically but things are changing. There are so many more firms who recycle for us and new more sustainable products are being made.

Which brings me to the ubiquitous plastic bag. We have twice tried compostable options, but they just don't keep the veg fresh. We are trying to encourage customers to keep reusing the bags our veg come in. A paper bag seems a 'green' option but only lasts a split second if heavies like apples/pears/potatoes or carrots are put in. A plastic bag can be used and recycled multiple times and a sweet corn comes in its own packaging.


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