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The Art Stable Gallery

The Art Stable specialises in Contemporary and 20th Century British paintings, prints and ceramics, presenting eight exhibitions a year of established and emerging artists. There are two spaces, one presenting solo exhibitions and the second a continually changing selection of other gallery artists.


Opening hours:

Thursday to Saturday 10am - 3pm



Gold Hill Farm Kitchen


Paddy and Sarah Davy look forward to welcoming you and providing a restful bolthole to relax and enjoy some delicious food and warm hospitality. 
Opening hours:
Thursday and Friday 10am-4pm
Saturday 9am-4pm
Tel: 07443893135

Country Paws


Professional dog grooming salon run by Steph Dodd
01258 269602

Rachel Sargent - Artist

"I work from the Cowshed Studio in the furthest courtyard at Gold Hill Organic Farm, looking up onto Hambledon Hill. My paintings are about light, land, and water. I am happy for anyone to come and look around the studio and see what I am working on. I also run workshops from there." 

Emsie Sharp - Glassblower

Emsie Sharp works from her studio next to Rachel Sargent's in the furthest courtyard. She designs and makes colourful tableware both modern and traditional using full lead crystal glass. Her passion is for producing wineglasses which she learnt whilst working in Venice on the island of Murano. She is very happy for anyone to come and watch her work.
M.Method Studio
M Method is a boutique wellbeing studio offering 1:1 sessions and small semi private group classes and bodywork.
"I specialise in women’s health focusing on prolapses, bladder dysfunctions, pelvic floor issues and issue arising after hysterectomy. I’m one of the few therapists trained in scar work therapy, which I blend with structural myofascial work and cranial-sacral therapy. My interest is helping people suffering from chronic pain such as fibromyalgia with the use of Neurostimulation, cranial sacral therapy, ANF disks, EFT, energy psychology, Buteyko Breathing and Integrated Kinetic Neurology."
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