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Christmas 2021

Last years Christmas orders all went to pot during the Christmas week, as people had to rapidly change their Christmas meal plans. Customers were ringing to cancel orders as families weren't coming down, or they were ringing for orders because they couldn't go and see family. This year even, though there was uncertainty of how 'cautious' should we be, most people seemed to be planning a family/friends Christmas meal. I love the atmosphere of everyone getting prepared for a get-together.

All orders were handed over to Phil and his mysterious spread sheet. Andrew is definitely not computer literate and I enjoyed passing the responsibility over. This meant Phil's usual affable persona disappeared to be replaced by a whirlwind of activity zipping around the shop and its environs. Luckily my twin nieces, who are now 16, were on hand and such a help. One of them in the shop helping at the till, carrying and clearing up and the other diligently, sometimes by herself, packing vegetables or out harvesting with Andrew. My sister-in-law kept us fed and Grannie Annie kept us in tea and cake. We had the obligatory Christmas walk in the drizzle, where I put the chicken in the oven and got back to find I hadn't turned the oven on. Not as bad as Andrew once selling our Christmas diner by mistake on Christmas Eve. We are re-opening on Friday 7 January as Phil and I were off to the Oxford Real farming conference. Such fun meeting like minded people, getting new ideas and meeting old acquaintances. But it has been cancelled. We are doing the conference 'on-line' and my middle son Richard will be helping Andrew in the farm shop when we re-open. We will still have salad leaves, leeks and all the brassicas including Brussel Sprouts. Best Wishes to everyone for the New Year Shop opening times Fri 7 Jan 10am to 6pm Sat 8 Jan 10am to 4pm Thurs 13 Jan onwards as normal Thurs/Fri 10am to 6pm Sat 10am to 4pm (photo of Phil on binoculars, Rich, my two nieces and my sister-in-law in Christmas day drizzle whilst the roast was on (not)!)


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