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November 2021

My eldest son Simon has lived in Sweden for 12yrs and like most people I haven't managed to see him during this covid pandemic. I tried to go over in May, then August but Sweden had UK citizens on their top hit list of people who couldn't enter Sweden. Then on 18 Oct I found out I could go and I had a ticket booked and ready for the off on 24 Oct to 3 Nov. My son protested he would be at work. BUT give me a bicycle and I know how to amuse myself during the day. It was so good to see him and his girlfriend of 2yrs, who he is now living with and I had never met before. In fact I got spoilt by her whole family who took me out showing off their lifestyle and community. Staying at Simon's place gave me an insight of their life with them both rushing off to work at 6am. A bit like at the farm!

I've always admired how the Swedish, in their apartments, love their balconies which are put to full use as an outside room summer or winter. At this time of year many balconies were strewn with strings of white or yellow lights. It made the buildings look so cheerful, against a drab Nov sky.

Phil has done this in the porch of the farm shop, it gives such a welcoming look, when the weather is so glum by 3pm. It also focus peoples thoughts to Christmas. Which always comes with the dilemma, of how soon do we mention that word. There should be a law 'Christmas' shouldn't be mentioned before Halloween. We do enjoy the excitement of the run up and hearing our customers plans of either going away or of families coming down. Lets hope its not as fraught as last years Christmas.

We have up on our website/facebook our Christmas form that can be filled in on line and or you can pick up a copy of the form from the farm shop, fill it in and hand it back. We are doing time slots again, more just for the practical reason that it spaces out the day, so their isn't such a rush all at once.

Dates of Christmas opening hours

21- 22 Dec 10am till 4pm

23 Dec 10am till 6pm

24 Dec 10am till 2pm

Date of re-opening after Christmas to be confirmed look at our facebook/website

To all our Customers have a Great Christmas and Happy New Year and thank you for friendly, enthusiastic, support.


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