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August 2020

Villagers walking along our footpaths will see us busily watering our crops most evenings. I hope everyone has been seeing how well our sweetcorn has been growing, along with the brassicas and leeks.. . Its quite a relaxing job about 6pm-8pm and our workers are grateful for the hot afternoons off for long walks or a swim in the river and even a trip or two down to the beach. Especially as we all start at 6am and finish around 12.30pm. Surprisingly up until last Fri each time I went to a beach it's been relatively quieter than usual, with the water crystal clear and stunning cliffs to look up to whilst swimming. The cycle ride from Bere Regis to Durdle Door is great. No strenuous Hill and some enjoyable off road, particularly Lawrences' way, that comes out at Morton with a great swimming place before you hit the tarmac again. I am so grateful I live in such a varied/stunning county and this lockdown has made me explore it more intimately. Many of our customers have said the same. They may have lived here for decades but still found new gems to visit nearby.

I do admire the British public on 'doing' their thing when asked, at short notice and to protect the public at large. Face Masks are now the new 'in' fashion for this week at least. Many customers have made their own masks out of old shirts/dresses. One customer kindly made 6 for me with appropriate flowers/strawberries on and it doesn't fog up my glasses. Makes me really appreciate anyone working in the NHS and have been wearing them all day for 16 weeks plus. Some people put on dark glasses and flamboyant hats which makes it much more cheerful as at first I thought the hidden smiles and humor of people wouldn't show through the masks. It is all a bit eerie, when I see my customers patiently queuing, looking as if they are out of a Dr' Who story.

We have good proper meadow organic hay for sale £.75/bales. Please contact us if you would like some Mina Hepburn is keeping on her pilates but sadly has given up her one to one treatment room. Please enquire at the farm shop if you are interested in renting a well decorated space.


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