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June 2020

For our 'down time' we manage to get away from it all through lots of cycling. I always have cycled as my 3 boys were never very interested in long walks except for Hambledon Hill. When they were between the ages of 6-14, we would have lots of off road trips. First of course very local around here but also longer trips. Castleman trailway into Moors Valley Park, along the Ox drove from Wyn Green onto Salisbury, or from Wimbourne along another Trailway to Upton Park for lunch, dropping of in Canford Heath on the way, where there was a impromptu dirt park made by local lads. As they got older we cycled to Bath from here on route 25, which also goes through Child Okeford (on down to Poole) 18 months ago Andrew and I cycled back from London on route 4. I have cycled many parts of route 2 either going towards Southampton and meeting my middle son in the New Forest or towards Exeter which I have cycled to or back on numerous occasions. When Phil was in Plymouth we carried on route 2 all the way to Penzance. Just before the lockdown we used route 78, Fort William to Inverness. I am mentioning all these routes as many people, not even cyclists seems to know about Sustrans. The charity Sustrans keeps these routes marked and maintained for easy accessible cycling. It is along small road/byways and off road. It is fun if you're with kids, who love to look out for the red numbers in the blue signs. In this lockdown situation I have seen more and more cyclists of every age and size enjoying the Dorset countryside on two wheels. So I would like to mention that on Sun 7 June I am going to try and cycle sustrans route 253 which is a circular route round north Dorset. I have done many bits of it but never the whole route which is 67 miles. My comfort zone is 35- 40 miles as I am more of get off to see what's in that field/garden, stop for view, tea break, lunch break or any sort of break. There are lots of charities that sorely need help at the moment but I want to try and raise some funds for sustrans to help encourage all those people who have taken up cycling to go out and explore our varied countryside more, keep fit and have adventures. If anyone wishes to sponsor Andrew and I please ask in the farm shop or drop a line to

By the way, we have fitted in growing veg between our times out on the bikes. Its all getting very tasty on the veg front with Broad Beans and sugar snap peas. Every week at this time of year there is a new veg on offer, you name it and hopefully we have it. Keep cycling and walking its great fun.


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