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April 2020

Andrew and I have been very lucky travelling very slowly, on bikes, 22-33 miles through Glen Nevis, Fort William, Fort Augustus to Inverness then down to Pitlochy. We are now on a NT working holiday. Most of the route was off road and one day we saw no one for over 20 miles only 3 sets of footprints marking the way ahead. They belonged to three very hardy well equipped Germans who were wild camping! We stuck to a cosy b and b's.

It has protected us from the news but realize how life is becoming more difficult for people. Philip has said there has been many requests for deliveries. Unfortunately because of man power we would only be able to deliver to customers in Child Okeford who haven't got friends/family to drop off. This would be on a Weds. Philip can make up boxes for people to pick up but orders would need to be in before Monday lunchtime so he can organise it.

We will endeavour to our best, but this time of year is our hungry gap.

Sara Cross

We are taking orders for veg in the shop and, while we can’t deliver them at the moment, we can put them in our outdoor fridge for them to be picked up after the shop has closed. this would mean minimal contact as there would be no other customers. people could then pay in the shop or pay by BAC.

Opening time will be normal.

Thanks Philip Cross


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