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Precision watering during one hot summer

I am sure walkers have noticed us at various times of the day armed with watering cans and water tanks trying to keep our vegetables at least alive if not growing. We have no water source in the fields and this summer is starting to rival the summer of ’76. I hope the photo explains it all.

This exceptional summer weather has bought out everyone’s bright and cheerful summer frocks. We look forward to seeing you still in summer mode in the farm shop.

As well as the farm shop at Gold Hill Organic Farm there are:

James’s Cheeses. Award winning Cheeses made from local milk and matured on the farm.

Rachel Sargent. Landscape Artist, runs various worksops in painting and printing methods.

Emsie Sharp. Glass-blower extraordinaire, runs glassblowing day courses.

The Art Stable. Exhibits eight shows a year of contemporary and twentieth century artists. As well as presenting a continually changing mixed selection of work in the second gallery.

Minna Hepburn. Keeps you fit and toned with her pilates classes and massages.

Tina Ellis. Will trim your dog to keep it cool in the summer and keep it clean for the winter.

Metrorod. For all your drainage and septic tank needs.

The Cafe run by Sharon Foxton. A cafe to chill, chat and relax, in a uniquely quirky atmosphere.

We also put on cultural events and on 15 September we see Screen Bites coming to the farm, further details next month.

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