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World Food Day (and a foot note to celebrate winning Dorset Independent Retailer of the Year!)

Today is world food day and we are being advised to eat less as a contribution to save the planet.

If you were stopped in the street and asked if you would like to save the planet hopefully your answer would be yes. It all seems a gigantic task and all doom and gloom and its easy to feel we are on an unstoppable path so 'Why bother?' I have no idea or the scientific knowledge to know if changing our eating habits will contribute greatly to helping save the planet but I do believe' eat less but well' is part of a quality life.

This month will also see remembrance Sunday. There are many people who are alive/fit and healthy today whose diet 60-70yrs ago was far healthier than the past 40yrs. Less sugar/fats and lots of inventive meals made out of common vegetables.

One of my Grandpa's was a Chaplin in World War I and my other Grandpa was in the Home guard and was a green grocer in the 2nd WW and had prisoners of War working on his smallholding. My mother therefore had a good fresh diet from aged 8-12yr (the War yrs) She always cooked from fresh and used lots of vegetables. Meat was a real treat for Sunday lunch and Chicken was something very Special. As youngsters of the 60's/70's we loved eating fish fingers/baked beans and white sliced at our friends houses and we couldn't hit the fast food aisles fast enough when we left home. Yet all three of us sisters have reverted to cooking from scratch. I love to cook. The recipients falling silent as they polish off the food.. I love the smell, feel and sight of a meal being prepared. Even though people may see me in a bit of a fluster on Thurs/Fri in the shop, as I am dashing up and down the stairs trying to serve customers and make lunch for up to 7 people.

I'd love to hear of some 'inventive meals' that people ate during rationing. Do drop into the shop and tell me about them as I'd love to give them a go.

On another note we were privileged to win an award from Dorset food and Drink for 'Best Independent Retailer in Dorset'. It was done on a customer vote, so thank you customers. After 30yrs of having a farm shop its still good to have a 'pat on the back'. We met other great food producers. It was held at The Italian Villa at Compton Acres ON 27 Sept. As it was so close to the sea I just had to have a swim in the sunshine. Both experiences were memorable.

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