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Bringing in a new era as we say goodbye to Stephen and Helene

Stephen arrived as an unknown trainee with a classics degree AND from London. His one month internship became 2yrs 7 months and he took over the running of the farm shop and many other tasks. He showed us that a willingness to learn was more important than a degree in Ag/Hort. His presence around the farm will be sorely missed. We all wish him and Helene luck in their new adventure running an enterprise in Hastings and are honoured he feels inspired by his time here at the farm. If you are ever in the Hastings area be sure to look up Stonelynk Organics. You can even follow them as they start their own vegetable garden from scratch on Instagram

One of the many tasks that I have taken over is writing the monthly news for the Hill and the Blog (and trying to get it in on time!) We loved his bounce and enthusiasm for life and learning. In his time at the farm he gave us a bit of extra zest for life. It’s easy when doing roughly the same thing for 30yrs to forget the initial thirst of growing good food.

In this spirit, I've noticed that vegetables have been marketed badly. Unlike bottled water, coffee or fancy chocolates,

producing vegetables ticks all the right boxes.


Gluten free

Fat Free

Nut free

Extremely low in salt/sugar

As far as I know except for Children, no one says eat less Brussel Sprouts. Eat less salad, leeks or carrots. In fact we have been lucky that vegetables are suddenly being promoted as a must eat more of commodity.

We are Vegan and vegetarian friendly. In fact if you come to our farm shop you will see we are friendly to EVERYBODY.

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