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Time to go tea-bag free!

The big news of a few weeks ago was the shocking revelation that tea bags have plastic in them! So, in the on-going journey towards a plastic-free paradise, let us cross this bridge and leave unnecessary plastic tea bags behind.

Perhaps not all tea bags have plastic in them, but it occurs to me that tea bags are still a disposable product that one can do without, and so upon this principle, last week I invested a tea-steeper (as pictured). And I must say, it is brilliant! It is a lot easier to use than those little metal balls some people use, through which all the leaves fall into the tea.The holes are really small so you can even use it for coffee. And it's really simple to clean - just bang the leaves into your compost, and rinse under the tap.

Since I have been running the shop, we have only ever sold tea pre-bagged. However, this week, I bought in some organic loose-leaf tea from Clipper, and already it is going down a treat. I have spoken with multiple customers about the wonders of my new tea-steeper(!), and have been asked to stock loose-leaf green tea too.

In all this excitement I felt compelled to write this short blogpost, to remember this feeling of a tide very slowly but surely changing. I am warmed to see customers responding to this news story by changing their habits, and challenging us as retailers to change our habits and our stock too! This is how you as consumers can make a difference, and a difference is indeed slowly being made.

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