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March news

If, like us, you’ve been busy scouring the seed catalogues for next season’s bumper crop, then you might, like us, want to think about how to return fertility to your soils before you let loose the seeds. The best way to do so is adding some well rotted compost. If you’re in need of any, we have plenty here that we sell by the bag, or by the trailer-load (trailer not provided). We also have our own woodchip - perfect for mulching around trees and shrubs. Why not show the soil a little love this Spring, and I can bet you the soil will show the love back later in the year!

Here at Gold Hill, one thing we love to do is go looking for local producers of brilliant products for you to try. We recently changed our milk suppliers so that we could buy direct from the family-run Wilcox dairy near Gillingham, whose milk is on another level. We’re honoured to have James’ Cheese which is matured right here on the farm - if you’re yet to try his exquisite cheese I highly recommend it. Later this year we look forward to introducing you to Puggs Meadow Flowers who grow glorious seasonal flowers in their garden in Kington Magna. If it’s North Dorset produce you’re after, you can look no further than Ridgeway Lane.

On a personal note, I am pleased to announce that my tenure at Gold Hill Organic Farm has been extended into the year ahead, with the added excitement of raising some more of my own pigs! Last month, many of you delighted in the delicious pork we had on offer. Well, expect much more of that come June. It is my hope to have a regular supply of Gold Hill pork throughout the summer and the autumn. It is my delight to produce food for my neighbours - I hope it is your delight to eat it!

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