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January's news

Happy New Year to you all!

Did you see David Attenborough’s urgent closing remarks of the TV series Planet Earth? ‘It is surely our responsibility’, he said, ‘to do everything within our power to create a planet that provides a home ... for all life on earth’. I wonder what actions are within your power to create such a planet for which Attenborough pleads?

As farmers, the onus of protecting the local environment and wildlife feels very much on our shoulders, and rightly so. The agricultural world is responsible for a lot of both very good and very bad affects on our common land. Here at Gold Hill we intend to farm as best we can for the environment, by, for instance, maintaining permanent pastures, planting woodland, looking after our hedges, abstaining from the use of synthetic fertilisers and pesticides, and reducing our use of mechanical activity. Yet we know we fall short of perfection, and have still much more work to do. However, you can help us. By supporting us, with your words and with your custom, you are investing in a culture of farming that is intent on securing the future of life on earth. You are contributing to the preservation of the local environment. Perhaps I dare suggest that your new year’s resolution can be to ‘do everything within your power’ to join us in maintaining a healthy, diverse, productive environment around our village.

Meanwhile, please know that it is our new year’s resolution to serve the needs of our village as best we can. We will continue to grow the very best vegetables that North Dorset has to offer, and to source other lovely products from nearby producers for all your culinary needs. Your honest feedback and suggestions are really valuable to us, so please keep them coming. If you don’t know us yet, we’re always happy to meet new neighbours and show you the farm. We’re sure to have some open days in the coming months - watch this space.

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