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November's news:

There’s not much to do in the month of November but mumble the ubiquitous complaint that the shops parade in Christmas far too early. It seems to have become a seasonal tradition all on its own! However, at Gold Hill we believe that each and every month deserves its due recognition. Come along and join in the celebration of the month of November for its very own sake - it’s fireworks, dark nights and frosty mornings. We’ll have on sale our cabbages, squashes and I dare say some of our winter salad bags by the end of the month. Here’s to November, the most overshadowed month of them all!

If you’re lucky enough to be reading this before the 29th October, the you might like to know that we will be featuring at the Screen Bites festival screening of Burnt at The Exchange in Sturminster. If you are not yet familiar with Screen Bites, it is the delicious and dramatic intersection of the best local food producers and the best foodie films from around the world. Come along from 7pm on the 29th October to sample a range of the best food the area has to offer, and then enjoy the Bradley Cooper film in cinema-style.

If I may make the briefest of mentions about the 25th December, we are taking orders for Angel Cottage’s exquisite organic turkeys and geese. They are of very limited supply, so if you want the very best bird that Dorset can offer for the big day, then get your orders in as soon as possible. A variety of sizes are available.

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