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September's news

The midday sun of summer commences its slow but steady annual descent towards the horizon of the calendar year. It is time to reap what one has sown, and to celebrate the hard work of human and soil, worm and bee. We do hope the summer has been kind to you and your gardens, but if the slugs have had their way with your lettuces, then you know where to come for replacements.

If you’ve ever wondered, indeed, how we keep the pesky pests at bay, then we have just the thing for you - we are holding a farm tour on Sunday 25th September. This is your chance to get a first-hand glimpse of all the background workings here. This will be particularly interesting for those of you who enjoying walking through the fields near the river where we have recently planted vegetables. Come along with any questions - the trickier the better.

Coinciding with the farm tour on 25th September will be, apple-permitting, our annual Apple Day!. With apple juice overflowing, apple cake baking, (and yeast fermenting...), Apple Day always proves to be fun for the whole community. You are welcome to bring along your harvest to the farm, whether a handful or a trailerful, and we’ll juice and bottle it up for you, £1 a bottle. I thoroughly enjoyed last year’s Apple Day, the fruit of which we are still enjoying today! Even if you don’t have any apples, you’re welcome to come and join in the fun, from 10am.

Meanwhile, I myself am thoroughly enjoying experimenting with various methods of preservation, to eek out the summer bounty into the dark winter months as best I can! The sour pickled cucumbers were particularly delicious... Let me know if you’d like a recipe.

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