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August's news

If you walk from the north of the village towards the river, you’ll stumble upon our recently cultivated new growing site. Grazed by sheep over recent years, this field’s rich soil now plays host to rows upon rows of a huge range of newly planted vegetables, ready to burst with vitality. By regularly changing the fields in which we grow, we manage to minimise the spread of soil-born disease, and to allow the land to rest after a period of use. This is the way land has been managed organically for centuries, and it is our intention to maintain it for years to come. So please excite your culinary imagination as you enjoy walking past the array of vegetables - just please don’t let your dogs get too excited themselves!

The tomatoes are ripening up, and you will find a few different varieties available in the shop. Harvesting the delicious tomatoes is one of the hardest job on the farm, since so many of them don’t reach the harvest box at all! Transport yourself to the mediterranean this month with our gorgeous aubergines, peppers and basil, all freshly picked each day for you. And for those sunny August evenings up ahead, why not stock up on our local organic sausages and burgers, bursting with flavour? Bliss.

It is a pleasure to grow good food for you all, and we look forward to seeing you in the shop soon.

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