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June's news

Open Farm Sunday - 5th June, from 10am

Gold Hill Organic Farm is hosting Open Farm Sunday on 5th June, and we would love to invite you to come and enjoy the day with us!

This year, we will be having farm tours, hands-on-activities, technical demonstrations and various farmyard animals for you to meet. Open Farm Sunday coincides with Dorset Arts Week, and so the art galleries and practitioners on site will have displays and demonstrations for all to enjoy. The café and the shop will be open all day, so you can stop for a bit of lunch while you’re here. Open Farm Sunday always proves to be a fun day for all the family, so we hope you can come and join the fun with us!

The fabulous Bacon Boys - 29th June

The farm is playing host to the hilarious comedy duo, Living Spit, with their latest production. The show is a unique spin on ‘the three little pigs’ story, so where else is better to enjoy it than a farm yard?! Tickets are selling fast, so make sure to reserve your tickets by calling 01258 861612. Doors open at 6.30pm, with pre-show entertainment. Please note that the performance is outdoors, and you are very welcome to bring your own chair.

What’s your poison?

Questions over the safety of the world’s most widely sold herbicide, glyphosate, have stalled an EU committee tasked with relicensing the weedkiller. If the committee fails to agree on a license for glyphosate, the product will be banned across the EU from 30th June. Agri-businessmen in the habit of spraying the countryside with poison fear a detrimental impact on the British farming industry, but fortunately, we’ve been growing fantastic produce for over 26 years without a drop of it, so we’re not too worried here. If you fancy a tipple of Monsanto’s RoundUp in the garden now and again, don’t fret - we’re more than happy to share our organic weed-control tips with you.

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