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May's news

May is the month we welcome in lettuces, asparagus, radishes, fresh garlic, and (hopefully!) broad beans! You may have noticed my ‘deliberate’ mistake in last month’s Hill... I asked if you’d be interested in coming down for working parties, but left no contact email! Well here it is; We’ll be organising fun and social afternoons in the sun during the summer, doing various bits and bobs around the farm. If you’d be interested in joining in, do get in touch.

In our ever-changing commercial climate, we are often faced afresh with the question; where do we want to source our food? We are privileged to have a growing selection of food outlets in our little corner of Dorset, and with the power of choice comes a certain responsibility to make those choices wisely and with due consideration. Is my food produced in a sustainable and gentle way, or does it degrade the soil? Will my money remain in and support my local economy, or find its way offshore?

Here at Gold Hill we strive to provide a source of food that is both really good for you and good for our common environment. We are able to employ young and grateful workers (yours truly!), and we keep money flowing through small local businesses. Competition doesn’t worry us, because we know that no one else can provide as fresh and as healthy food as we do in our village. If you’d like to know any more about why shopping at Gold Hill is a wise and considerate choice, please do ask us at the shop - we’re more than happy to talk to you about it!

A couple of dates for your diary; 5th June is the annual Open Farm Sunday. All across the country, farms open wide their gates to give young and old the opportunity to discover the world of farming. Come along to Gold Hill for a day full of fun for all the family - there’ll be farm tours, fun and games, and the cafe will be open.

Secondly, on 29th June, the farm is hosting the fantastic Living Spit with their hilarious show The Fabulous Bacon Boys. This talented duo always deliver a barrel of laughs, and this new show will surely follow suit. The show starts at 8pm, and there will be lively folk music from 6.30pm. Book your tickets as soon as you can!

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