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April's news

We’ve just planted our first lettuces of the year! By the time you’re reading this, they’ll have been in the polytunnels for a good few weeks, but for us today it is another exciting indication of the coming summer.

Many of you too will be sowing and planting out various spring crops. We’d love to encourage you to grow your own at home, and to help get your vegetables beds off to a flying start, we’re selling bags of compost for only £6. It’s the very same compost we use here on our beds, made sustainably from household green waste. We (and all the hard-working worms!) love it, and you will too.

Outdoor manual work is so rewarding, for both the body and mind, but we know that many of you don’t have the time or the space to tend to your own vegetable garden. That’s why we’d like to offer the opportunity for you to come along to Gold Hill for an afternoon and get stuck in here! Andrew and Sara have organised ‘weeding parties’ in the past, and I would be really interested in trying to kick off something similar this summer. Would you or someone you know be interested in spending a day in the sun, making friends and doing some handi-work? If so, I’d love to hear from you. Expect fresh air, good conversation, and some lovely vegetables to take away. Do get in touch (details below) if this is something you’d be interested in.

Thank you as always for supporting local and sustainable food production. Have a lovely April, and see you soon.

Phone: 01258 861 916


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