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Dorset is just like it is in the movies

They say that 'New York City is just like it is in the movies'. Well I say that that is even more applicable to Dorset. The rolling hills, the exquisite manor houses, the gentle lowing of cattle, the stunning sunsets, and the exposure to the elements... This is all quite exotic to me. I feel as though I've woken up into a Hardy novel.

I am from London, and for me, there's something romantically ideal about the image of rural, pre-industrial British life, especially when the food system is concerned. I've spent the last year investigating the waste in our nation's food industry. Did you know that a staggering 18 million tonnes of food ends up in British landfills every year? Part of the problem is the ever-increasing gulf between consumers and producers. So many people have no idea where their food comes from. And I quickly realised that I was as vulnerable to that fault as anyone.

In the face of a growing population and thinly spread resources, some scientific experts propose that we start eating protein-rich insects or algae. These inventive but frankly impoverished dietary suggestions ignore a tried-and-tested solution from our recent past - the local farm.

I recently decided that I couldn't live under the dominion of the supermarkets any longer, and I dreamed of a better way, and so I moved from London to Dorset to get closer to the source my food. To my delight, I have discovered that a family farm producing brilliant food for local people really can work. And for that I want to thank you and commend you for supporting this kind of economy. I hope that buying our food is for you not only refreshingly local and politically powerful, but also irresistibly tasty!

In the months ahead I am going to enjoy getting to know you all and learning more wonderful things about growing great food. If you would like to receive my regular newsletter please let me know your email address. Thanks for coming in, and see you again soon!



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