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Runs, fun and theatre at the farm

Barry Hare snaps a selfie during the riotous "Tortoise versus Hare" in the barn

All of us at the farm enjoy a good knees-up or community event. Either through musical events at the pubs, live theatre in the Hall / on the rec or dropping in to see the latest moviola film. All the Cross family, helpers and workers at the farm have many good memories of past events. The latest one being the fantastic "Tortoise versus Hare" performed by Living Spit. We hit the 100 bums on seats to break even, but more importantly it was a real party atmosphere. People joined in the runs/walks and then picnicing in the fields or partaking of Sharon’s delicious food before the play started. I could never have pulled it off if St Nicolas School hadn’t have helped in providing the stage and Charles Upton organizing and supervising lighting and many other things. Some friends came down from London and camped and asked what they could do in return. They merrily cleared out all the old rotten hay-bales out of the barn, hosed down the floor and swept it. You could have eaten our vegetables off it afterwards!

We have another event coming up on 16 September with Screen Bites where you get tasting of food from local producers plus a film. Keep an eye on this space for more information coming soon.

We do occasionally also manage to squeeze in some time on the farm to grow food. It’s so exciting at this time of year when the firm, shining purple aubergines, glossy green courgettes and the velvet skinned Broad Beans are ready. I still wax lyrical on my love of bunching the multi-coloured radish like bunches of flowers. Even after 30 years of growing I am not bored of being outside with all the smells, textures and sounds of the spring and summer. Do come into the farm shop just to smell the veg and see the abundance this beautiful corner of Dorset can conjure up when the soil gets a bit of organic care.

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